Flowers like Abandoned Mortar

I leave. Before
I shave.

Hands like silence.
Binoculars too.

No round trip.
In the dark.

Flowers like abandoned mortar.
I step with handsome dynamite.

At last. Poem verses

I walk in the lyrics
Of burning throats.

Before I brush.

2 thoughts on “Flowers like Abandoned Mortar

  1. Evocative. Suggests an early morning, preparing to leave for the day. Perhaps your house, perhaps the house of another. Leaves the reader much room to build their own images.

    “I step with handsome dynamite”
    “Before I brush.”

    Dig it much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Casey. The images do leave a lot of room to interpret. Maybe leaving the everyday work/logic world for the poetic. Thanks for reading!!


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