On Holiday

One must put one’s ear to a stone
To hear the axis of Jupiter,
Or a volleyball game in Canada.

Or be on holiday to string
Oh so elaborately
Lights around a black hole.

Even if black holes lack
The ability to look up
And acknowledge such a feat.

Bravo to every dandelion! I agree, it’s spring.

And there are holiday lights around black holes!

And so what if dandelions end up like gray haired stars
At night on the city lawn.

Are finished with what they have to say.

12 thoughts on “On Holiday

  1. Oh man, I mean, you don’t have to but, take off that “So am I” from the end. It kind of drags out what could be a much more powerful stop. Besides, when I read “Are finished with what they have to say,” I already assumed you were implying yourself.

    I don’t know how you choose your images, but I’m jealous. First stanza is amazing.

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  2. “Bravo to every dandelion! I agree, it’s spring.”

    My girlfriend and I laughed out loud here. You know how to play with levity in the midst of having weight Bob! No small feat.

    I am learning!

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