Poet’s Style

A lawn chair
On the forearm,
On the shoulder the
Of river birds,
Melody for a toy piano
Near the ankle.
The attire is simple and cut
To fit,
No shoes
But the idea of shoes.
Hunger like a table crowded with empty bowls.

The cosmos on the lips,
I breath in theology through nostrils,
Pull its lint out of my belly button.

The real is put aside
Like a bell on the ground,
Sleeves pulled to the moon.

In Conclusion-
The idea was to
Stick around long enough to see
Dusk pushing a shopping cart downhill.

6 thoughts on “Poet’s Style

      1. Magic Sam went through a period in the 90s of gadding about town with no shoes on. I could never quite decide what I made of that! Was it affectation, creeping madness, the height of punk rock hippy cool? In a weird way it was all three. This was no country bumpkin sandy street seaside town! This was hound-shite, broken glass & chicken bone town. ‘But the idea of shoes’ to him, just then, seemed ridiculous, I suppose?!

        Thanks again for your words.
        All best, Nick.

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      2. That’s a great story. The 90’s were similar for me. Lots of characters in our post industrial, rust belt city…but call me crazy if I didn’t see it all as kind of poetic. Magic Sam seems like an interesting person.

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