Misfits are Everywhere

We were as beautiful as planetariums,

On the hems of undressed ghosts,
Like sleeveless butterflies
Accustomed to otherworldly gravity.

We made the poetry to accompany 
The soles of lost swimmers
On the outskirts of deserted rooms.

By the ambush of lifting the sky,
The dark
Forever bursting of inexplicable
Word galaxies.

But now,
You are far away
And move

On two legs
Of falling leaves. 

And there is little going back. If

At all. But for such misfits as us,
From the arches to the hairline,

Into the unnoticed graves of greatness, 
There will be a lasting reaching out. 

The dizziness of daisies setting fire
To our hearts.

15 thoughts on “Misfits are Everywhere

  1. Oh wow. It’s all fascinating and beautiful. I didn’t really connect personally until the end where I felt for the misfits and I loved the line “the dizziness of daisies / setting fire to our hearts”. What a fabulous image. Just as I wrote this my husband said “what?! We have no hundreds and thousands?! That’s like a soup kitchen with no macaroons.”. 😆

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    1. Thank you. I worry that when I write I often loose the thread of the poem and get carried away with images. So I’m glad by the end you had something to relate to. I’m really glad you liked that line. I’ll be honest I had to look up what “hundreds and thousands” was…I thought it was money, but it turns out its candy?? Is this an Australian thing? Very funny!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It might be Australian. No idea. At kids’ parties, “fairy bread” is very popular. It’s just white bread and butter sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and usually cut into triangles. My husband loves it.


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