Remembering a Childhood Drawing

The sun
In crayon
In the sky 
Like a flat tire
Of dragonflies.

Nowhere left to stand on the moon,
Shout all the stick figures
Stationed there. 

Its proposed

Like thunder in the nose,

Or a turn of the corner
That gets caught in the throat
And never goes away.
The hallucinated apples 
Fall back into the trees

To be planted by pirates.

The house sits
Croaked of window,
Horizons for a mouth,

Science fiction doves atop robot chimneys
With eyes like praying monks. 

The pollen of geometry everywhere.

And there is nothing else to
Eat, only the flowers born from volcanoes.

12 thoughts on “Remembering a Childhood Drawing

  1. Lovely turns of phrase, Bob.

    “A thunder in the nose”

    “The house sits
    Croaked of window
    Horizons for a mouth.”

    “eyes like praying monks”

    “flowers born from volcanos.”

    A touch of dystopia somehow, almost an Escher drawing but not quite (but it’s a childhood drawing so can’t be?) And why pirates? It doesn’t matter. I enjoyed it 🙂

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      1. Have you ever heard of Donald Revell? You might like his poetry. You have a very similar style. Although he is a little preoccupied with death as a theme but he writes about it in such a positive way. For example:

        ” “Death,” I said, “I know someone, a woman,
        Who sank her teeth into the moon.”

        For what are space and time but the inventions
        Of sorrowing men? The soul goes faster than light.
        Eating the moon alive, it leaves space and time behind.
        The soul is forgiveness because it knows forgiveness.
        And the knowledge is whirligig.”

        You can read the whole poem here:

        I also really like his poem An Instrument Also, though I also find his poems unfathomable. I just thought you might find it interesting 🙂 Sorry for the long comment!


      2. You’re right! I really enjoyed that poem, and will be looking more into Revell’s poetry. Thank you for sending this my way. I very much appreciate it.

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