I’ve Know You for Hours, I’ve Never Heard You Say that Before

A Poem-

Like a road in a dream.

Almost no gas left, and the universe is old.

Above the seasick brick houses

The moon bends without making a sound.

Everywhere the universe begins.



Simple like a comb
Or some bricks in the bathtub.


Of Spring (now faraway)-

I miss

Your sense
Of gravity.



To personify subtle
Peel off the paint,

Find work that doesn’t pay,
Give your cash to beakers,

Light a torch,
Steal pollen from a bee.

Whatever you do
Don’t tell the truth.

There are no reasons,
But here are mine anyway.

If it should be the guts
Of October stars,
The not yet healed…


Just Saying-

A plasma giant 93 million miles from here

In some billions of years will engulf us

On its way to later phases of its life.


Last Lines-

Tonight’s sky is as subtle as changing a tire.

We are born of storms, not calm. And are as handsome as a thrown stone.

Conspiracies lack negative capability.

How to explain there is no end. And there never was a beginning.

14 thoughts on “I’ve Know You for Hours, I’ve Never Heard You Say that Before

  1. just found this one, Bob:— this is wonderful and multi tangential; there are some teasing images in the opening but over it all hangs the terrible entropy awaiting us all; there is heft here as well as brilliance !

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    1. Thanks John. I agree, it toggles between hope and despair. And I still think this poem needs some editing. I started to read up on what scientists think the end of the universe would be like, I’ve been terrified since.

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  2. I meant to comment on this earlier. It’s a lovely poem, I’m glad you wrote a longer poem. My favourite lines:

    “A poem / like a road in a dream”

    “Autumn / simple like a comb”

    “Unfinished- / to personify subtle / peel off the paint”

    “as handsome as a thrown stone.” 👌☀️

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