Bomb Cyclone, Buffalo NY

A bomb cyclone is a blizzard with winds the force of a hurricane. Which I had no idea existed till now. Staring Friday morning, and not ending till Sunday morning, we got hit with the worst blizzard I have ever been through. Being from Buffalo, that says a lot. We’ve already had a major snow storm this year. But my son and I ventured out Saturday night to do a little exploring. We weren’t out long, winds were up to 70mph and the wind chill was well below freezing. I’ve included some pictures, and a couple of pictures from Sunday morning.

22 thoughts on “Bomb Cyclone, Buffalo NY

    1. Thank you. It was a bit surreal on Christmas morning, I was able to take a long walk in my snow shoes through the city. Definitely a weird feeling to be walking on five foot snow drifts through the streets.

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    1. We kept our power and heat. And did a really good job of stocking up on food. So we were lucky with that. But I’ve never been through a storm this before.


      1. I just realised you’re not far at all from Niagara Falls! That is amazing. And you’re right on the border of Canada. Stupid question but can you walk across the border? Or is it manned by security?


      2. Yes, I live right at the border. Dividing Canada and the US where I live is the Niagara River. So you have to cross a bridge. It’s an international border, so there is plenty of security. And you need a passport. But I go to Canada all the time. I like to ride my bike there. About a two hour drive is Toronto, which is a fantastic city to visit. I live about a 20 minute drive to Niagara Falls. But I also like to ride my bike there, which takes about three hours. Maybe this summer I’ll take a bike ride up there and take some photos and post them.

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      3. Ohhhh that is amazing! If I lived that close I’d be doing the same thing! Sounds fantastic. How wonderful to cross the border like that and be in another country just like that. Please do take some photos and share them, I’d love to see them. You would have no end of excellent photo opportunities! I saw in the news yesterday that part of the Niagara Falls had iced over. That alone would provide countless amazing shots 🙂

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      4. I definitely will! Though it will have to wait for spring/summer before I get on my bike again. I didn’t get a chance to go up to Niagara Falls and see the ice. Though I saw pictures, and it looked really cool.

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