2 thoughts on “A Precise Alibi of Moon

  1. Really love these short ones! “A precise alibi of moon” and love those first two lines especially:

    “It is all so clumsy
    And various” – fantastic. Doesn’t everything just feel like this most days? And then I want to know more.

    Hope you don’t mind me nosying around your blog like this! I was in a nosy mood 😀 Also, I’m not sure how you feel about ever submitting your poems for publication? But you might want to check out this press: http://www.onesentencepoems.com/osp/?page_id=13

    You can also read previous one sentence poem publications on there to get an idea of what they like. Though they prefer poets to remove the poem off their blog if they choose to publish it or prefer unpublished work. I just thought I’d let you know. Obviously, feel free to ignore this suggestion! 🙂

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