I found my coat
Next to the words

For leaving
I thought for good

Here we are

Spilling gravity
Into the graffiti of

Giving chance
Its due

After transcendence you end up standing in the dirt like the rest of us

3 thoughts on “Verbatim

  1. I like “here we are” as a standalone moment, but how about this:

    Here we are spilling

    gravity into the graffiti
    of poetry

    It makes the gravity part a little odd, but “Here we are spilling” is a good sound.

    we are spilling gravity

    Your poems allow for so much exploration. Great work as usual.

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    1. Thanks Andy. I can’t say how much I appreciate that you would take the time to give a close reading to the poems I post. Really, it means a lot. Thank you for the suggestion, and that is the part of the poem I struggled with. I even thought as I posted it, this poem isn’t finished yet. I will continue you to work on this. But I really think you are right, something can be tweaked with those lines.

      You have a skill for reading. Do you teach?


  2. Haven’t really taught, but I recently finished an English/creative writing degree. Spent a lot of time reading closely, workshopping, etc.

    As far as the input – I prefer to say a little more than “awesome work!” or “another great read!” And anyway, thinking hard about other poems, I think, is a way to get better at my own.

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