Sandwich Guy

A sandwich guy.

Tee shirt
And pants.

Library card,
Notebook poems.

I flunked calligraphy, and sometimes I think red means go.
They took away my license

To fish.
And if someone asks what poetry is

It’s in the wrist, and every dial in your brain
Is screaming.

6 thoughts on “Sandwich Guy

  1. Cornelius Fredericks’s sandwich
    cost the ultimate price.

    He lost consciousness forever.
    His brain was screaming,
    His voice too.

    Between the sliced bread
    was a love supreme,
    money and power meeting
    a mouth sickened by the taste.

    The sixteen-year-old’s lunch
    was breathtaking.
    Wheat, white or rye
    thrown altogether.

    A Mayday heard
    near the end of June.

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