Is There Anywhere for the Universe to Pull Over?

Is there anywhere for the universe to pull over?
To park, to fall in love?

A well-kept bike, a stack of poems in disarray.
What if these poems really did mean something?
How terrifying. 

The menu of poets
Is full of branches.

The books on the fridge. I'll get to them soon. After a walk and a few   
    more months of procrastinating. I’ll write poems too. Small ones, by   
    an open window. The moon like a dog licking a plate. 

Mirrors reflect, yes, but they
Don’t know left from right. 

A group of dusk is called a vanish. 

The wild arteries of stars
Do they feel it too?

The quiet celebrity of being alone. 



(revised from an earlier post)

9 thoughts on “Is There Anywhere for the Universe to Pull Over?

    1. Thank you. For me, knowing when to stop revising has always been tricky. When I first started writing, and thought I was Jack Kerouac, it was easy, I bought into his first draft, no corrections philosophy, so I didn’t need to revise. But looking back at those earliest poems, yikes, they certainly needed editing! I’m glad you liked this poem.

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      1. Haha I know what you mean. Sometimes I look back at old pieces of writing and think, “How embarrassing!” It’s amazing what a few months/years can do for our perspective. Have a great Monday!

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