Writer’s Block

If at first, you draft
A poem,

To start, you say:

A yellow couch
Listens to John Cage.

Next, leave it
With the paint cans
In the cellar.

In a year, or two,
Go looking for it.

Without reading it,
Turn it over,
Start something new,

You found me
In the birdbath,

The rainwater 
Is shirtless.

That will never do.
It’s best to be desperate:

The universe 
Was swallowed
By a few words.

Long shadows 
Go to great lengths
In doorways.

For the better part of a decade
Put it with the dry
Beans in the back of 
The cupboard: 

The night arrives first
A pink ribbon
Of steel,
A headache of honey and blood.

Just abruptly end and hope no one

Writing a poem
Is like finishing a knot, 

Or cutting a hole in a net
Before collecting butterflies.

13 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Sunra Rainz says:

    I love this so much I can’t even tell you. Every line, every line. Long shadows go to great lengths…pink ribbon of steel…all of it, I savour ❤


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