Least Likely to Stick to a Plan (Short Poems)


The scrubbed stars
Took all day
Like a tub in an old room.


Now look, a shipwreck of lights 
Equal to the theater of the universe.


Battered, folded
Into paper planes  

Like the unlikely 
Waist of a green

That’s When I Reach for my Revolver Record-

I am looking for a verse.
I am standing by the sea, whistling a Saturday morning cartoon theme.
I gather a few juxtapositions. Wonder, awe, fear, dissolution, realignment.
I am starting a blog of the photos I collect of sidewalk cracks.    

Don’t Forget-

Along with immense size, 
How infinitesimal the universe is

Would make a haiku blush.

16 thoughts on “Least Likely to Stick to a Plan (Short Poems)

  1. For an instant you flashed me back to my Beatle days. I remember seeing an interior wall of a room in some magazine, where an entire wall was muraled with the Revolver album cover. I like your groups of mini poems.

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    1. Hi Andy, good to hear from you again. It’s not a Pegboy reference. That’s When I Reach For My Revolver is a Mission of Burma song. And I stuck on Record at the end to reference the Beatles. But thanks for bringing up Pegboy, it’s been awhile since I thought of them.


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