Poorly Written Novels

A dump truck in orbit. 

Will need to be resolved.

Uncertainty as a system allows
Pockets of possibility.   	 

Does not need to be resolved.

This must
Resemble a few lines
Of verse.

What else do we have?


Carrying my metaphysical
Shoes, over my enigmatic
Shoulders, happy as a guitar 

Everything matters: the trees,
The sky, this jalopy of a 

I chew up all my words. 

I am almost afraid
How beautiful it is. 


Going forward, 
There will be lines and metaphors
(in these poems),

But no words.

To write a poem is to regret.
If only I had the words to not have them.   


The universe is being chased 
By distance

14 thoughts on “Poorly Written Novels

  1. teasingly enigmatic: two lines i love: ‘happy as a guitar string’ and ‘jalopy of a neighborhood’; btw Bob, my previous post ‘Elephants’ was inspired by you; would have been less of a poem were it not for your influence 🙂

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  2. I like to read each line several times. And feel the words swirl in my head. I like to imagine what you thought of with each word… like jalopy. Love that line. And the garbage truck. And the line about having the words to not need them. I heard a podcast interviewing a woman who had had a massive stroke and list all except about 40 (totally random) words. She said it was so peaceful. She didn’t have an internal voice anymore. I was amazed at this idea. Tranquility not frustration. And with the words went some memories. Like memories sometimes need to be labeled to exist. Fascinating.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m really happy you liked this poem. I just found out about some people who lack of an internal dialogue. Which seems odd, cause my internal dialogue never seems to stop. I also read about not having a mind’s eye, that is if you close you eyes you can’t visualize, say, an apple. Which I may have to some degree, because it’s really difficult for me to visualize something in my head.

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  3. Why are the novels poorly written? Were they too resolved?
    Why is writing a poem to regret? And yet why does that seem true?
    Are the best words better left unsaid?
    I don’t really want to know the answers. I just ❤️ the poem.

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