Messy Beginnings (old poems revisited)

The Blue Feet of the Sun-

The blue feet of the
Sun like
Ethereal wads of
Chewing gum

In this ninja sky
An insomnia of love
Is absolutely possible


A Feral Soup for Wandering-

Up from the ankles
Of messy beginnings

I promise

A feral soup
For wandering

The uncountable knees
Of each star

The troubled fire
That leaves no
Paw prints

Poems raised by roads

A pedigree of precipice

The hijacking of the pantaloons
Of our galaxy

Roads raised by poems


Used Car Lots in the Month of May-

Blue stars with yellow brains of dust of the green of dusk
Like used car lots in the month of May.

And what difference a few birds like a few words are all that’s left
Of blue stars whose laughter is scarlet chopsticks.

It is the brighter darkness that does not need the rhetoric of flames.

9 thoughts on “Messy Beginnings (old poems revisited)

  1. What a stunning collection of poems you have on your blog, Bob. I so enjoy reading them. A line I didn’t quite notice before jumps out with new meaning.
    “The troubled fire that leaves no paw prints.”
    This is fascinating. I realised that fire still has a moving shadow even though it’s a light-giver but this feels like a different type of fire, like someone’s turmoil. And even then, I’m confounded. Which I don’t mind 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Sunra. I really appreciate your kind words. That means a lot to me. As far as the line you quoted, I think you are on to something when you bring up turmoil. The line may be confounding, but so often is turmoil. Thank you again!!

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