Wish Me Luck

To perturb the air
The moon
In gallant horseplay
Seems to be as still as a chimney.
Though it has no use for ladders.

The kites on Mars
Are as blue as the sea.

But don’t let depression garble you yet.
There is the melancholy of the heart
To broach this night of shoulders 
And elbows.

The poem can be
Black as a match head,
Vigilante as applesauce,

A wink in the thunder,
A thud on the daisies,

An illumination
On its side
Kicking at balloons,

Like an aria
Penniless in the cinema, 

Feral in the garage chewing on the rake. 

Wish me luck.

*This is an older poem, I changed some of the lines and a new title.

15 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck

      1. Thanks. I agree. If keeping the rhythm and imagery as a thread throughout, you can have what on the surface seems a mostly strange poem. Maybe? If that makes sense?


      2. it does; it’s satisfyingly unified; the images taunt and tantalise 🙂 esp ‘The poem can be/ black as a match head/ vigilante as applesauce ‘ 🙂 I’ll be pondering that well into the night 🙂

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  1. “To perturb the air
    The moon
    In gallant horseplay.” Stunning opening👌

    I’d like to know what you were about to embark on.

    The vigilante applesauce is already bugging me. How can an apple be watchful? Perhaps it was willing Eve to pick it, watchfully.

    But then why sauce? I had things to do today, Bob…now I have to figure this out 😂

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      1. I didn’t think it strange at all, more a bunch of different scenes leading up to a moment where something significant is about to happen that remains a mystery to the reader. Who wants to know what the quest is. Know what I mean? From my perspective anyway 😊


      2. Yes. And actually yes, it is strange but good strange like eerie in a filmic way. You know how certain details suddenly become very vivid when something big is about to happen? It’s absolutely right that the first shot is the moon amid the chimneys panning out. Then you see the guy preparing his dinner and he lives alone and it’s a spooky night. You see the close up of the blackened match head, the rumble of thunder and then he hears a thud on the daisies and has to go and investigate because it’s like something is watching the house (the word vigilante lends itself to that). And that scene as he leaves the room ends with a close up of the apple sauce on the counter with a blob of it dribbling down the side. And he hears a strange noise in the garage but it’s just the dog going feral with the rake and you as the viewer are waiting for the big thing cause there’s mounting tension and it feels ominous. 😂 Ha ha! Sorry! I’ll stop going on now! Just thought I’d tell you!

        I shall await part two 😂

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