The Benefits of Being Damned

A crescent coat.

An endless road
That grips you
Like a wrestling hold.

Arms tattooed
With famous operas.

And only these daring doodles
To save our noodles.

20 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being Damned

    1. Thanks Sunra! I have nothing specific with the opera. But the doodles would be the poems we write. And I don’t know if this has gone out of usage, but growing up we often referred to our brains as noodles.

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      1. That’s hilarious 😂 I’ve never heard of brains referred to in that way. Though visually they actually kind of do.

        I later thought the tattoos might be the doodles you speak of. And also operas are often about some big tragic love story which is a kind of damnation in itself.

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      2. Yes, I did think of operas that way too in the poem. Glad you thought so too.

        As kids we were told to “use our noodles,” as a way of encouraging us to think.

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      3. Tara Palov says:

        I was thinking the daring doodles were the tattoos because we are daring to hang on to those for life!


      4. Yes, what gives us meaning: whether its tattoos, poems, drawings, music. And like you said, we are daring to hang on to those for life! Thanks for the wonderful comment.


  1. hey Bob. i love the idea of an endless road. sure beats the one and done of our lives though i guess that depends on the severity of the wrestling hold? i’m reminded of whatever wrestler used the figure-four leg lock. that might be enough ouch to be ok with one life!

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  2. good to see another post from you, Bob; ‘an endless road that grips you like a wrestling hold’: pure genius! could describe our tortuous way out of St. Francis Winery 🙂 you’re in top form, Bob 🙂

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