If I was to reach out to you
It would be with a few indifferent words
Arranged to bear little weight.

I would include the gallop of stars,
The sparrows of feral nights,
Contagious cognition.

But that’s all.

*An old poem I thought I would give another chance.

19 thoughts on “Correspondence

  1. Hey Bob, these are great ways to start up conversations! To rekindle an old fire without delving too much into the past which might include painful talk and maybe monotony and what not so I guess it wouldn’t be rekindling, instead, heading into the new. I’m on vacation from work, been gone for two weeks so this hits home as I will be forced to strike up conversations with so many people, the same people. I hope we launch into new topics.

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  2. omigod. This one deserved another chance, Bob. I don’t really have words to employ to respond to this, although I love it very much. At first my impression was one of heartbreak, but I think it goes beyond that. I love every line. The final line is perfect. I think this poem is profound, and spiritual and psychological and in possession of a deep sense of loss and disconnection.

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    1. Thank you Holly! That’s wonderful of you to say. I think you are right about the loss. But I think there is an irony in there that subverts that and makes the poem work. Hopefully.

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  3. “I would include the gallop of stars,
    The sparrows of feral nights,
    Contagious cognition.”

    Just wonderful. The whole thing. And the perfect title. I hope you share more of your old poems.

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