What’s the time signature of the universe…cursive or print?

If I may, this banter is never at a loss to sense.

The lingo between two slices of bread, slapstick for a toothpick.

From kindling to fire, the moon paddles. One immense sea.

As if insignificant is any woe. Let’s be fair, June opens the envelope. Infinity too in how you sit, including gravitational waves.

And to be breathing is enough, as is lunch, dust, twig, and space…according to the topography of poetry.

How the dusk fidgets, if you close your eyes,

How the eons tingle in your synapses, for strings.

10 thoughts on “Meter

  1. “As if insignificant is any woe.” Hot damn! I think that’s what transcendence is, no? Rising above our sorrow? Bob, I’m not sure if I understand poetry, but your poetry is uplifting and has some of the most amazing imagery. I love when you say “And to be breathing is enough….” I take your words with me.

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    1. Thank you so much Steve. Really, that is very kind of you to say. Maybe this is my age, but I’m not worried about being insignificant anymore. After all, it’s a very big universe.

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  2. Whoa. There’s no way I can choose a favorite line here. The blending of spirit (?) and physics. I loved the time signature of the universe opening line.

    As always, the whimsy is there but it gets my synapses working in that great way your poems always do. It seems as if the last line is referring to “string theory”? Am I all wet? Or is it more of a harmonic, as in a harp? A harp is a spiritual image. And then I begin to think about the music of the spheres, and the sonics of deep space….you know, all that vibrational stuff way out there.

    “If I may, this banter is never at a loss to sense.” Indeed. But the sense is lost on wee humans, I think. This poem took the top of my head off (like Emily Dickinson said).

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    1. Thank you so much Holly!! I like very much the idea of blending/balancing spirit and physics. And whimsy and something of a strain. If that makes sense? Yes, the last line does refer to string theory. I am at an utter loss when it comes to the mathematics, but I enjoy reading the theories. But I did include strings too, as a nod to musical instruments. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!! Very much appreciated.

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