What is It?

Should it have feathers and gain
Alongside a dogged
Sunrise, should it holler out, grate
The beloved subtleties of first light,
Should it go to how dusk
Leans in with a graffiti shoulder,
Purposely, as if rattled
By poetic symptoms?

Alone, and in the fields, stands attention,
For a moment, a home of such wonder, it is frightening.

9 thoughts on “What is It?

  1. there is such a tremendous and almost optimistic build up, that going for it and experiencing what seems to me to be sensory delights and that optimism continues right into the last line, the last word – frightening, a sober reality of what we’re up against, “alone,” as you mention.


    1. Thanks Steve. There is a lot op optimism here. And taking in of the sensory and be both wonderful and frightening. Even at the same time. And leave you feeling alone. And contacted. I think I’m rambling here….so I’m glad you liked it.

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  2. So intriguing. I find myself wondering what creature’s eyes I’m looking through, as if I’m hearing about the particular journey of a loner bird. I love these lines:

    “The beloved subtleties of first light”

    By poetic symptoms”


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