Pinball Elf

The moon is an attic
In a house of asteroids

As if the moon chased
Opening doors.

The crown for the dandelion is fields long
And bound to everything.

A poem that steadies on a yawning angel.

To the void, we are as empty as the void is to us.
A bird inside an angel.

A bird out of time and a dusk

The doodle: what is the significance
Of its clumsy lines, fettered by chance?

This is not jest
Scribbled the fool.

17 thoughts on “Pinball Elf

  1. I was hooked by the first line – the moon being an attic. I don’t know what was scarier as a kid – a basement or an attic? I kind of liked attics. Maybe a place for birds? I had never thought of birds as out of time and other worldly. Amazing. Great work!

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      1. I live in a basement right now…have been for like 15 years. Stays cool down here. I like it, especially since my landlady gave me a dehumidifier – an amazing machine. Sucks a tremendous amount of water/humidity out of the air and the bugs? I find some, but not a lot, find them on the floor, spiders too, but the bugs and spiders are all dried up, thanks to the dehumidifier so I call my apartment “the place where bugs and spiders come to die.”


      2. I watched a documentary last night on Netflix called A Trip to Infinity. All about infinity…and parts dealt with how we are just specks in a universe to vast to comprehend. Which reminds me of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy…when the earth is about to be blown up, and the dolphins flee the earth saying, So long and thanks for all the fish.

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      3. Hey Bob, thanks for mentioning that line – “just specks in a universe too vast to comprehend.” That’s a line I’m going to think about and remind myself over and over in the next few weeks and maybe years, over and over again because so much of the time, I’m stuck in my head, that voice incessantly talking to me and most of what it says is not very interesting. It’s negative, paranoid stuff, low self esteem weighing me down and so I drink a beer.


      4. I found that line both terrifying and liberating. The voices in my head can be, like you said, all about low self esteem too. Maybe that’s why I think about things like infinity, it takes me out of my head.

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  2. This one meanders into mystery in a nearly riddling sense. I felt tossed around from the very first line, as if I were whirling in the black eye of a clothes dryer. Then that final line that follows the image of a scrawl or doodle “fettered” by chance….”This is not jest/Scribbled the fool.” Not jest or riddle, but a riddling kind of poem to my mind.

    My favorite stanza is the one with the dandelion crown which “is fields long/And bound to everything.” Wow.

    And the line about the yawning angel reminds me of a line from a very old effort of my own. The title is ‘Orangutan’, and the last line goes:

    ‘You stoked some fire without repentance, and made a saint on some ledge shiver and fidget,
    Submitted to the blasphemy of love.’

    Loved this one, Bob.

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