Everyday Details

My socks
Are damaged

The more
Ruined end
Of the couch.


I spent all morning
A trilogy of daises,

In my ears.


Dusk is a thing
Like a fiction,
More reel than painted lines.


The cat sleeps
Like ordered food,

The prettiest

Quotation marks.


Final Will and Testament

A backflip, a bowl of apples, a solar flare,
A cape, a rectangle, a box
Of matches enjambed, a traditional dance,
The microns of data of a butterfly,
The moon over the garage.

13 thoughts on “Everyday Details

  1. Wonderful! To write about everyday things….details with such extraordinary imagery, from socks and the end of the couch which I figure also become socks when in search of some heat and there’s no blanket around.

    the daisies, the galaxy, “the cat sleeps like ordered food”….this one hammers home the beautiful cycles of cats and all the sleep they do.

    I’m reminded of a book I have, but haven’t read…..it’s about all the people at a baseball games except the players – the peanut vendor, the ticket salesman, the ushers, the organ players…….all the everyday people, all the everyday details that I often miss. I think part of it is getting older and taking so much for granted like the flurry at the end –
    “matches enjambed, a traditional dance,
    The microns of data of a butterfly,
    The moon over the garage.”
    Great job with this one Bob!

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    1. Thanks Steve! I’m really glad you liked it. That book sounds interesting. All the people who work baseball games, I’m sure all have stories to tell. Maybe there are some really wonderful strange people that work there too. When you are young you have so much more time to get to know people, like you said, those everyday details.

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