puddles, bicycles, the cosmic microwave background, the holidays of stolen shoes barefoot in the spring, summer halos on poet vandals, of black marker epigrams on railroad trestles, of barbwire thistled with dandelions, the biceps of imaginary trees, the forehead of chicory dusk, the trance of knuckled stars, and sidewalks rapt with chalk operas,

the unavoidable cosmic, here in chance and outward in venture, the notes wrung of cascading rivers, the numbers in the pockets of ghosts, the turmoil of stars blistering with joy, the epiphanies that know the difference between one and one,

the waist of the moon summed in countless seconds standing with distant crows, to struggle these steps bright towards the arriving moments, the versified shoulders turning home at last, departing through stellar doors, and on these paths string the words for what the spring wind is good for,

19 thoughts on “everything.

      1. Definitely worked out. I find that writing like this can be hit or miss. The misses are misses, but the hits can be quite spectacular. In your case here, the ideas and images must have been ready and waiting to bust through the gate.


  1. “to struggle these steps bright towards the arriving moments, the versified shoulders turning home at last,” – just wonderful. Love the whole thing.

    I also enjoy writing like this and find myself doing it more and more. I like the looseness of prose poems. I love the title too and the in-the-moment-ness of this, it feels so fast-paced and breathless, like travelling at speed.

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  2. This is epic and I can see it going on for pages and what makes it so wonderful, to me anyway, is that all the subjects you mentioned are accessible, the moon, stars, railroad trestles, crows, always there, but so often missed due to me being lost in my own worries and doubts. And again the combinations you put together are wonderful.

    As we head into spring, I’m hopping on board your line, “outward in venture” as a moment to try new things and be courageous and mix it up with strangers. It feels awkward to say thank you for a poem, but thank you Bob.

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    1. Thanks Steve! I really hope spring is that catalyst. I know how I feel after a drawn out winter. I really like that you pointed out the subjects are accessible. I never thought about that. It’s reassuring. I guess I like it simple in a way…if that makes sense? I really appreciate the comment. I’m going to let spring work its magic.

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