But Not You

What ghosts of what stars did we know?

If you could count all the acres and every plasma swirl of the sun, all the yellow gulls of its every beach,

What then?

Can we lose everything

To the untenable slopes of love?


I haven’t the soonest blue
Or the latest sonnet by Homer. 

Like a last place finish, the lone kite in the sky.
As the moon opens its suitcases.


I’d like to see this through, outlandishly so. I study the effects of gravity on my houseplant. 
I ride my bicycle over to say hello. The rain clouds interrupt, though it never rains. 


Latter at the drive-in neither of us 

Will recognize each other

Or the lengths we sought to not 

Fall in love. 


I specialize in putting words
Just out of reach. 

But not you. 

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