Pursued by a Phony Deity

What is 
The policy concerning time travel in this poem?

Who knows? 

Sneezing is no easy matter,

Neither are the stars. 

The wrest is summer rain
From summer rain.  


All this 

Yet it was
At first 

No hands
On the wheel,



Sometimes the ephemeral 
Almost poses,

The dream rattles its antlers,

At the curb
A puzzled moon
In the rainwater.

10 thoughts on “Pursued by a Phony Deity

  1. Hi Bob. I was rereading this yesterday (I often reread people’s poems long after I have read them!) and I simply love this line:

    “the dream rattles its antlers” – and also the line that precedes it about how the ephemeral almost poses.

    I had it stuck in my head all day and this image of some creature, not quite moose, not quite reindeer, facing me standing there in the late afternoon sun (that particular light when it turns orange) somewhere in a meadow. And it looked at me and rattled its antlers and there was a sound like bells. 😀 I just wanted to share that with you. I thought you should know how atmospheric your poetry can be.

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