The undetermined 

Is divine vagrancy 


We had it all wrong,

It’s not one counting up to infinity,
It’s infinity counting up to one.

11 thoughts on “Flaneur

  1. As John mentioned, this ( lovely) word keeps cropping up in my reader today. Was there a prompt somewhere that people are using? Or was it just a delightful bit o’ synchronicity? Either way, great word; great thoughts.

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  2. That makes me think of the six pointed star. The triangle pointing upwards and the triangle pointing downwards. I wish I could remember where I read this but it also symbolises male and female – the upward pointing triangle being female and the downward pointing one as male. As in earth meets sky. It may be Egyptian, I’m not sure? Or something I read about Platonic forms…
    Anyway, lovely imagery as always 🙂

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