On the Arm

The tattoo of the church bell and the passing train. I hear both, in the fields, just before the rain. The moon has polka dot breath, but I imagine the city lights under my fingernails.

There is a feather on the ground. A lampshade in the sky. I walk up to a lamppost, it is night. I write on the lamppost. In marker: Where are you?

The elopement of city features. The facades of houses, the stature of downtown buildings. The silence of fountains that don’t work. The few pennies for the graffiti flowers, and the inter-dimensional coordinates for solitary meandering.

13 thoughts on “On the Arm

  1. A lovely poem, Bob. I enjoyed the solemn mood. So many good lines, the moon’s polka dot breath, the lampshade in the sky.

    The third stanza is my favourite, especially these lines:

    “The elopement of city features.” – I see a cityscape washed-out by rain, night reflections, lights flickering.

    “The silence of fountains that don’t work.” – I love this line! As if they’re sad they’ve lost their function, as if they feel shame. They have something to say but they won’t speak. It’s moving somehow.

    “…the interdimensional coordinates for solitary meandering.” I was like, what is that? Time + space? Perimeter x space + time ÷ footsteps? A great puzzling line to finish on👌

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    1. Thanks Sunra. I have to admit, I’m always nervous to post, and I was on the fence about the third stanza. But I feel a lot better because what you wrote about the line, The elopement of city features, is what I was hoping to get across. So thank you! and I’m glad you liked it!

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  2. You have such a great sense of imagery. Really striking. Especially, ‘The moon has polka dot breath, but I imagine the city lights under my fingernails.” I have really enjoyed reading your poems. (although my presence here on WP has been very haphazard over the last couple of years…).

    Holly Lofgreen and I have started a private group (circle? community?) of like-minded poets and we would love to see if it feels like a place that you would like to be. We think you would fit very well with our ‘ethos’.

    If could provide me with an email address, I would love to send you and invite.


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