Walking Home

The late afternoon faints
With the metaphysical.

Reflections in puddles.

Even the universe is a hologram.


The wind
Has mass

Of dusk
On road,

Like a mountain,

A glacier

The night is

The dusk



The self is a card trick
In the dark
Without hands,

Sweeping sidewalks for

Speaking drastically,
The oomph that is not the self.

I made a diorama
Of the Triple Lindy
And left it on a diving

14 thoughts on “Walking Home

  1. So, now I know what a Triple Lindy is, ha ha! The whole scene has a lovely strangeness. I feel as if I’m being swept off into the landscape. I love every line, they’re all so complete with meaning. But if I had to pick a few, these resonated:

    “The late afternoon faints
    With the metaphysical.”

    “The night is

    The dusk


    “The self is a card trick”

    “The oomph that is not the self.”


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