Implementing secret
Information into
The poem.


A pulpit moon
In love

Hanging by a thread.


The problem laid out.
Though you hired
A chorus.

Such tragedy.

14 thoughts on “Thread

  1. Oh, wow, this is ingenious. I read it three times, and “pulpit moon” struck me so deeply on my first reading. I adore how “chorus” suggests “choir” (seated behind the pulpit, no less….),

    and yet it is “Such tragedy”. It all winds up beautiful and beautifully developed: “the problem laid out”, and the “secret information”. I love this mysteriousness. The greek-ness of it and the modernity of it. And with the strange moon in Leo everybody’s talking about. Did I get that right?

    It is a ‘thread’ winding its way through the poem–a switch in turns, not always predictable. Really enjoyed this one.

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    1. Thanks Holly! I did try to touch upon greek-ness with the chorus, and with “such tragedy.” I tend to be abstract when I write, so I’m concerned what holds a poem together. I always hope there is enough of a thread through the poem to make it work. I’m not familiar with the Leo. Sorry. Thank you again for the wonderful comment. I’m very glad you liked it.

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      1. The Leo mention has something to do with the Zodiac and the alignment of the planets and our recent full moon, I’m pretty sure. I’m not really an expert on that stuff, though.

        As far as the concern about being abstract and the concern about the poem being held together, I totally understand where you’re coming from. What’s interesting to me is that I noticed the title primarily (‘Thread’) before really paying much attention to the fact that that word appears in the poem after the pulpit moon image (by which it is hanging). For what it’s worth, I think that is a great strength–that I didn’t see any lack of cohesion. I like the way the poem seems to have “switches” of thought, as I said before, kind of like a jagged stitch. I just think it’s great.

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  2. hi Bob, i’m not the greatest interpreter of poems. i guess none of us are…all of it ongoing, to be revisited and thought about over and over like bible junkies. anyway, i like “the problem” and like even more the “chorus”…solution as i slip away from a work day, into my headphones, a chorus of sorts, and some whisky. listening to the magnetic fields today.

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