Short Poems

Machine Washable-

A button-colored shirt.


Attics for Brains-

The ghost stirs
Like cold soup
On an abandoned stair.


Waking Up-

I just heard it. The train whistle.
Coming in from Canada
Like space invader calligraphy.
But I cannot say it. The new birds in the air.
And suffers from equations.
Concerning the axis of time.
Or how much coffee to have this morning.
There it is again. This time further away.



The old house.
The latch.
The screen door on its hinges
In the wind.

In the wind
The inflatable stars.
In the plastic sky.

A rebellion of

To the cardboard


Stop Here-

I think the dandelions were in on it.

The joke,
Said the moon.

15 thoughts on “Short Poems

  1. “the ghost stirs like cold soup on an abandoned stair.” unless it was gaspacho and starvation was imminent, can it get any more eerie? any more wonderful? and that “space invader calligraphy”!!! You must get tired of praise, but where do you come up with these mind bending images?

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    1. Haha. I don’t know what kind of soup, but I agree, unless starvation is imminent. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment Steve!

      Last night I watched an episode of Community that paid homage to Mash. Two worlds collided.

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  2. The first time I read these, I liked “Attics for Brains” best. But on 2nd and third reading, I was totally drawn in by both “Waking Up” and “Diorama”. Kind of spooky, all of it. And yet… that rebellion of rockets. There is hope.

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