When We are Gone

How the broken plates resembled
The moon. This was no accident.

June asked, may I march
In April puddles before
I am August? If this banter
Is likeable, neither are you.

The sky clear of its misgivings.
The heart shirtless of its understandings.

A vibe of sunshine
Goes without shear.

Who will collect the saw
Dust from the changing gods
When we are gone?

(Another old poem)

12 thoughts on “When We are Gone

  1. Hey Bob, i’m glad you revive these old poems. that second paragraph had/has me cracking up. reminds me of Reggie Cleveland being born in Swiss Current, Saskatachewan. That always confused me, a guy with a city for a last name and yet, the guy is not from that city, not even from the same country!
    -thoughts from baseball card daze….

    I love it when seasons surrender to the next one. it provides some stability to the instability we are experiencing all the time. but i have to admit the change of seasons is sometimes painful psychologically. i guess it’s a bit of seasonal affective disorder. i think i feel it most as spring begins. kind of backwards. you’d think it would be fall with all the imminent death all around, but spring is more dangerous, daring us to do things we’ve never done before or maybe i’m just high. i smoked a little after work and here i am on your blog. i like it here.

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    1. Thanks Steve! I’m glad you thought the second paragraph was funny. That certainly was my intention. I’m not familiar with Reggie Cleveland…. but wasn’t surprised he was a ball player. Again, you baseball knowledge is very impressive. I know what you mean about spring. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s all the horrible news lately. Or maybe being from somewhere where if feels like there is snow on the ground for six months, I still haven’t fully shaken off the winter blues. Or maybe it’s just me getting older. Then again, maybe you’re right, spring is daring us to do things we’ve never done before. Enjoy the smoke. I think tonight will be one of those nights for me as well. Supposed to rain…I might smoke a little and sit on the porch, and just watch it come down.

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      1. I have a habit of relating everything to baseball. Sorry about that. There’s another player, a former player, also from Saskatchewan – Terry Puhl. There I go again. Hee heee.

        I hope you enjoyed your smoke last night. Have a great weekend Bob.

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      2. Thanks Bob…I’m glad you appreciate the baseball anecdotes. There’s this guy who used to comment on my posts. Haven’t heard from him in a while. His name is W.k. kortas. He makes references to baseball players and quotes i’ve never heard of, inspiring me to look them up and learn great baseball trivia. he also loves hockey and writes poetry, but like i was saying, he hasn’t been on wordpress in a while. i hope one day he returns and you guys can play hockey reference.

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