Nice to Meet You Too

How often you say, we just met.

Or how you pass the salt, because
The cosmos is everything other
Than what isn’t there.

If not that as well.

Your voice, the tone is bare,

If you include
The dusk at the end of the road.

We eventually
Become as tiny as galaxies.

20 thoughts on “Nice to Meet You Too

  1. What a rocket blast of greatness Bob, right up the spine (and my back hurts today) to say and feel that “we just met.” It’s so fresh and not jaded and like being a kid all over again, seeing things for the first time or is it impossible to recapture those sensations? I also love the ending – “We become as tiny as galaxies.” I never thought of galaxies as tiny and maybe that’s just it…..we’re tiny, but filled with so much possibility at the same time.

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    1. Thanks Steve! About recapturing those childhood feelings…maybe we can catch glimpses? But every once and a while, I think it’s possible. I’m glad you liked tiny as galaxies. There’s something about how small we are (and galaxies are small compared to the universe) that is both terrifying to me and wonderful at the same time. I agree about being filled with possibilities.

      I see the Brewers are on top of their division. But those Yanks are roll right now.

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      1. with me, it’s usually smells that arouse the past.

        i’ rooting for the Yankees, Mets too and of course the Brewers and also the Angels. I’d like to see Mike Trout in the post season.


      2. For Marcel Proust it was a cookie and some tea. But it is nice to have those childhood feelings come back. Maybe I’m being nostalgic, but I think I’m ready for rotary dial phones to come back.

        I think I need to get some tickets for the Buffalo Bisons (the Blue Jays farm team) games soon.

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      3. Funny timing or is there such thing as funny timing? I think of all thing’s happening in some bizarre coordination. I guess it provides some comfort to me. Anyway, I was telling this guy at work today, a guy who has a photographic memory….i was telling him that i don’t remember much, but i do remember phone numbers of friends when i was like 10 or 11 years young and he had an explanation why – the rotary dial phone….from the concentration required to dial, one number at a time and also from the repetition when the line was busy. Makes sense.

        Yes, I hope you make it to some Bison’s games this summer. Have a great weekend Bob!

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  2. “Your voice, the tone is bare,
    Unbuttoned.” – I love this.

    Now I’m thinking about salt and all it means, how it makes up so much, the blood, the earth. I want to see more beyond the glimpse. Lovely poem.

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