9 thoughts on “Just As

  1. Hey Bob, i’m probably way off base in my interpretation, but I’m pleasantly reminded of that pink floyd lyric “strangers passing in the street. by chance, two separate glances meet and i am you and what i see is me.” i always loved those lines from their song “Echoes.” I’m listening to it now….the “i am you and what i see is me” is maybe, is probably an impossibility, but a great motivator to at least try and meet new people and see where it goes. god, i find it harder as i get older…to meet new people and establish a connection. anyway, back to your poem, that second stanza sticks out like a stop sign in the desert, to take a second look at the self as maybe not real, as maybe an idea, as you suggest and well…..that takes some weight off my shoulders. thanks Bob.

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    1. Thanks Steve! The Pink Floyd is definitely in key with (hopefully) what I was trying to say. I’ll have to cue up that song. Yes, as I get older it’s more difficult to meet new people. The middle age routine can really wear you down. The self as idea…maybe even a loop…but I agree, I find somewhat liberating that maybe it’s not as real as we think it is.

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  2. Well, Bob, of course I always want more stanzas! But you have the sparse one-sentence-poem form nailed! I think Plato would agree with you.

    It would be funny if you had made the title longer than the poem itself 🙂

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      1. Oh the poem doesn’t need any more at all! But I have seen complete little poems like this where the title is a long question like a riddle that gives you more insight into the poem in a bizarre slant way and it works really well. Which you think the poem then answers but it’s actually leads you elsewhere. But pay no heed, it was just an idea 🙂

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