Never Sure

Patterns leak chaos

As they should.

A sweaty t-shirt is

More religious

Than a pew.


A longing, distance-bit, piled

On the heart,


Between the fingertips of the moon,

Like the paint around the hand on a cave wall.

What feet, what stride

Will fit this excess of light?

8 thoughts on “Never Sure

  1. the opening lines are stunning and radical, patterns leaking chaos, inviting whole tangents of conjecture; I still love ‘ a sweaty t-shirt is more religious than a pew’ ! Wow! I love its earthiness and skewed humor 🙂

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  2. This is fabulous, Bob! I love the lines that have already been mentioned and I too had a chuckle at the sweaty t shirt followed by the “Ha ha”. I love all the webs of thought your lines evoke. Just stunning. “the fingertips of the moon”, and those last two lines… totally gasp worthy.

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