Unequal Asides

The universe is a plane
Of four unequal asides

First Aside

The bedraggled charm of
Cut off shorts
And a lead pencil.

Second Aside

The shadows of poems
Are not the same as the shadows
Of poetry.

Say no to verse.

Third Aside

It will have to wait.
The waiting is the realism.

Fourth Aside

Very few clouds. Yet who can point at silence sufficiently,
Beautifully, like bells in the fifth dimension?

12 thoughts on “Unequal Asides

  1. Arrrrggghhh. What is going on, let me in on the marvel of it! It’s zen and time travel and yoga and summer end and something so delicate I would only chase it away in trying to describe it. But pretty much basically what Worms said 🙂

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  2. Very graceful poem. After reading the other comments, I feel the need to insert here that it was the second aside that hit me hardest. The shadows of poems are indeed different than the shadows of poetry, although both loomed large for me while I was reading. I love this one, Bob.

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