12 thoughts on “As Is So Often

  1. this appeals to the surrealist in me, Bob; I like the concept of ‘legroom’, both physical and metaphoric, and as for ‘casting off’ we do that each day when we step out; I’m getting it, Bob, I’m getting it 🙂

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  2. i sure needed this one. to get free from all the trappings, for a little while anyway. god, i wish the shackles would stop shackling, once and for all. i also thought of being on a plane while reading this one…in economy class. no leg room. nice one Bob.

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    1. Thanks Steve! I hear you on those shackles…I certainly could fill the hours with walking, reading and writing. Form some reason, when you mentioned the plane ride, I thought of the ending of Back to the Future…Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

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  3. “For the sublimity
    Of casting off” – mmmmm…this makes me think of a time when I cast my limbs using mod roc and created a pile of them (reminiscent of bones) for a piece in an exhibition. It didn’t come out quite as well as I intended 😀

    And the image of the very tall person who always has to bend through the doorway to enter the room. It’s a lovely way you describe it.

    Very thought-provoking, Bob 🙂

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