Not Exactly Science Fiction

Under a steel sun,
We confessed
Antimatter poems.

If only to know
How the wind
Narrows in on
The plume of road

This currency is unable to attend a bank,
Though it stands by the river
And pays for everything.

16 thoughts on “Not Exactly Science Fiction

  1. “How the wind narrows in on the plume of road” reminds me of cities with tall buildings and the way the wind picks up speed between them. Wind can be so annoying when it swirls, but one time wind made me happy. I was exiting the Metrodome (twins used to play there) and a gust sucked me off my feet and out of the stadium. Wild sensation. Anyway, this poem builds up to such a wonderful climax….wind or nature, I would think? “pays for everything.” ….just beautiful and such a potent reminder. Great job Bob.

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    1. Thanks Steve, really glad you liked it. Buffalo can be really windy, being right on the lake, and I’ve had that feeling too of being swept up. Definitely a wild sensation. As for the end, I would have a difficult time myself putting a finger on what “pays for everything” I guess I’m okay leaving it unresolved.

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      1. even better “leaving it unresolved.” there’s a jazz piano player and composer, Sun Ra, who encouraged us to focus on the unknown, that in there, is the answer, to creativity or at least i think he was referring to creativity.

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      2. just typed “sun ra dreaming” into you tube. great sound. thanks. so generous our world’s you tube uploaders. lots of shitty weather and wars these days, but with spotify and you tube and all the other services, lots of music to drift away to, enjoy, and what not though there was something great about record stores, spending an hour or sometime more, thumbing through records and buying one we’d never heard of before. Have a great one Bob.


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