Bare Feet, Verses, Earth

Who drank the last

Of the halos? Deliberately made it rain?

Stole old purses from graffiti


Who lit fire to the last of the rocks?

Knowing very well that this storm

Is bare feet, verses, earth.

Like fireflies

Opening doors.

The spring wind

Counting knives.

I adhere to berry and branch,

Leaf, sunlight in the arteries,

Theater wire and the stars.


(old poem I thought I would give another chance)

17 thoughts on “Bare Feet, Verses, Earth

  1. “Who drank the last of the halos? Deliberately made it rain? I had to stop reading right there and come down here and leave a reply and that was only the first 2 sentences! What a wonderful line, lines, questions! Rain is so necessary or maybe there’s too much of it nowadays, crazy rain storms and monsoons with wild fires too or maybe I’m overthinking this? Anyway, it’s such an original way to kick off a beauty of a poem. I don’t like walking in the rain to work, but walking home from work? Definitely! Slowly. Let myself get soaked. And as I read on, this poem, that “bare feet, verses, earth” reminds me to walk naked which i don’t always do, most of the time my thoughts stay stuck in my mind rather than being expressed, but then there’s writing and replying to other writers and i almost always feel better after writing or replying. I’m glad you revived this one Bob!

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    1. Thanks! Glad you like this one. Walking in the rain is wonderful, but like you said, before work, not so much. I ride my bike to work, and when I get soaked on the way, I’m usually pretty grumpy about it, but on the way home, it’s often exhilarating. I agree with thoughts stuck in your head, I rarely speak them. Maybe that’s why I write…if that makes sense?

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      1. I definitely think there is something to that. And it’s less logic, less workday. Maybe that’s what happens when your in your own head too much. But that could be a good thing too. Or maybe trying to get out of your own head. Sorry for the rambling.


      2. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the word transcendence and what it implies and how it might benefit my mental health. So far, I think of it as sort of an out of mind experience, a flight into a more objective place where I can see my own predicament and problems and what not as not such a big deal and if I’m able to maintain that feeling, I can then appreciate other people or at least notice a hearse passing or two squirrels chasing each other across a telephone wire and all the other things going on outside my mind.


      3. Funny, I’ve had a similar talk with myself about my internal monologue, how negative it’ been. I’d really much rather enjoy some squirrels and sunrises then blathering on about the state of the world. I like that idea of transcendence.

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  2. Love all the impossible questions. Especially:

    “Who drank the last

    Of the halos?”

    And these lines:

    “Knowing very well that this storm

    Is bare feet, verses, earth.”

    “Leaf, sunlight in the arteries,” – my favourite, I can see this so clearly.

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