Letting Go

To each fathom of being migrates
A becoming, till readiness shores,
Structure bursts without burning,

Now wobbly and starry
With outstretched letting go
Into the evening trees, and of this dusk
Torches and butterflies.


Have you found
How it will be measured
By raindrops in spring trees?

That there is no volume
Other than space and time?

Do you ask what can be made of the heart
That is simple and brave?

The dimensions of the universe
That do not know fear or love?

14 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I’m reminded of immigrants and refugees and pilgrims in this poem , that we all are, “migrates”……”becoming”…..and “simple and brave”……..Or maybe I’m missing the meaning? In any case, as always, great work Bob. I like the idea of remaining in a state of simple and brave. There’s so much courage and guts in that, so much unlearning what we’ve unfortunately “learned” since we were kids.

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    1. I think being is who are presently, and becoming is the change that happens inevitably. I really like the unlearning….all that stuff we learned as kids. So much of it didn’t pan out. Almost detrimental. There is something about keeping it simple. But that’s easier said then done. And does take courage.

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      1. I’m inspired by what you say here Bob about being and becoming…inspired to go and find that Dylan tune with a lyric that goes, “he who’s not busy being born is busy dying” or something like that.

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      2. i found it! the lyric happens early in the song, like at 40 seconds in case you don’t want to hear the whole song. i hope the link works. a nice live version if we can say bob dylan live is nice? that voice! some people hate it. I like it. i saw him one time, here in montreal. it was good to hear the popular songs live. i didn’t know much at the time, other than the popular songs. if i remember right, he didn’t talk too much with the audience, but it was good to be at a show and all that. made the next day even better, feeling freer and it was a small place too, like 2,000 seats.


      3. Fantastic! I’m a Dylan fan too. I’ve never seen him live. I remember a particular low point in my life, someone gave me the Blood on the Tracks album. It really helped at the time. It’s good that you got to see him. He was such a great lyricist.


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