Reading and then a Walk

The philosophy of horizons,
Specifically, the chapters on distance,

Is the zoology of time.


The degree of these walks
Like cloud-work in the falling leaves.

Along the seams of the city, taking to the edges,
In that loosely held tone
Of a meandered afternoon.


You can accompany
All the volume of space and time,

Always, wherever you go,

Because it has stripes
Like a tiger.

8 thoughts on “Reading and then a Walk

  1. I was sucked in right from the beginning, those lines, “the chapters on distance, Is the zoology of time.” Sparked thoughts of how far away we have evolved-devolved? from our connection with animals and the raw, natural cycles and what not. And then it wraps up with a reminder that it’s still there, that wild side, that stripe of a tiger. Maybe I miss the point, but all your work Bob, all your poems inspire. Side topic. I took a quick look at the NFL standings, glad to see the Bills atop their division.

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    1. Thanks Steve! I agree. I don’t think we can separate ourselves from nature/wild. I bet even our conceptions of time and whatnot are anthropomorphic. Which I feel pretty positive about. Hence the stripes at the end. Yes, the Bills are doing well. They’ve made my nervous the last few weeks. I have my fingers crossed.

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