Like the specter of tattoos
On the necks of ghosts,

Or the stars that blink telepathy along the curve
Of forever,

All is heeded on this walk,
Here and nowhere and everywhere,

The stars send out thoughts
Of blue birds on red branches or the first snow that
Kindles a city night,

In such poetic nonsense
Numbers give up their quantities,

This golden approach of mishaps.

17 thoughts on “Ephemeral

  1. what an image to open with ! and that other, more mundane but still magical one of ‘thoughts of blue birds on red branches’ ; and that last line, true of all art, ‘this golden approach of mishaps’; wow !

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  2. If you keep this up Bob, I’m not gonna know what to say and that’s saying something because I tend to talk a lot. This is just mind blowing! The way you combine images and ideas in such an unpredictable way, so original. It is really wonderful and I mean wonderful in the way the word is…full of wonder. It gets me, the reader, wondering in the way a star gazer probably wonders. I could repeat each line and it would hold true, but speaking of stars…..that stars “send out thoughts” turns my whole damn world upside down and leaves me and maybe all of us suffering down here with a glimmer of possibility.

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    1. Thanks Steve…wow, I really don’t know what to say. That’s really awesome what you said. I really appreciate it. Those glimmers of possibility are out there, they have to be. Even for Sabres and Brewer fans.

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      1. You’re welcome Bob. Much deserved. Your work inspires and I think maybe it inspires in ways that I’m not even conscious about, but later on, it helps put me in a wide open space where I’m tuned into what’s really happening. For me it’s a combination of great writers like you and thinking about how small I am in the big universe and sometimes believing in god…..all of it kicking in like a weed high as the day drifts into the background and the moment hits me. I love weed that way. Gets me really into the song I’m listening to. Right now It’s the Clash’s “Rebel Waltz.” Anyway, I read that the Sacramento Kings are in the midst of the longest playoff drought of any major major league sport. But I just checked and they are 11-9 and in 6th position in the NBA West. Go Sabres! Go Bills! Go Brewers!

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      2. Me too. The universe is unimaginably huge and I’m okay with that. I’ll be checking out that Clash song. The Bills won last night…so that’s a good thing. Thanks again!!

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      3. Funny how you tube is. It’s like some intelligent robot mind that wants to help me or turn me into a Clash junky and then turn me into a Clash preacher. I say that because as I’m writing this, another clash song is playing….”Lose This Skin,” a great idea – a great song if you ask me. Have a great weekend Bob. I guess you get a break from football Bills stress, but there’s always the Sabres to drive you mad!


      4. I’ll be checking out a lot of Clash this weekend. And yes, the Sabres look like they’ll be driving me up a wall. Have a great weekend too!


  3. Well, this is lovely…all of it! Without question. If I had to quote a favourite line, it would be:

    “Or the stars that blink telepathy along the curve
    Of forever,”

    and the last line. So complete and resolved and gleaming. I can see the breath hanging in the night air 🙂

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