Short Poems (New Year’s Resolutions)

The First Two Couplets of the Year-

Gather blankets and circuity
There is no way home.

A well shod vagabondism
Is unable to take your call.



Chaos socks.
Indefinite buttons.

Like some underlying
Notion of transcendence.


Always with Me-

A slight solitude.
An ephemeral knock knock joke.

Distance is simple.
It smells feral and wears the sky on its head.

16 thoughts on “Short Poems (New Year’s Resolutions)

  1. A wonderful write, Bob. Like John said, that first couplet is sad. Will they survive or not? Why can’t they take the call, did they run out of charge, are they trapped, are they safe now…? etc. But they’re well-shod vagabonds so they’re probably okay.

    The wardrobe stanza is divine, totally get it, just love it 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sunra. I guess as a New Year Resolution vibe, I want in some way to leave behind the past/former person, and move forward. And that can be sad. But I think there is something positive about it too. If that makes sense? I’m really glad you liked the wardrobe part….definitely enjoyed the humor in that.

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  2. That first stanza blows me away. Reminds me that though I try to believe in an orderly god universe and what not, sometimes that god may be on vacation and chaos will rule. And then, as do so many of your poems Bob, this one gets better and better. I had to look up the word feral and found it to mean “wild” and the way you said it “smells feral and wears the sky on its head,”…..well, I’m gonna walk home slower from work and look around. I might even howl. People will be too busy on their cellphones to notice or care. Thanks Bob.

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    1. Thanks Steve! I don’t know if we can ever tame distance, it’s always out of reach, and feral. But I think there is something to that unknown that is beneficial. That you get to walk home from work is awesome. I ride a bike, except for winter months. How long is your walk? I don’t think we can escape chaos always…but that may be good sometimes…maybe? then again, maybe not. You may be right…people would be too busy on their phones.

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      1. I sort of get to walk home. It’s 10-12 minutes walking to the subway, then a ride for 20 minutes, switch trains, ride for 10 more minutes, cross the street and my commute is over. My previous job was a 15 minute walk from my apartment. No subways. No buses. But I don’t mind the commute so much especially because I bought a cell phone. I don’t know why but I feel less antisocial reading baseball news on my phone while on the subway than I did reading a baseball book on the subway.

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      2. That’s a great commute. I bet it gives you lots of time to daydream. Or catch up on baseball news. I’m not a fan of driving to work, which I do in the winter. Looking forward to spring when I’m on my bike again.

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