Nothing Poems

The moon is a subsidiary
Of poetic cant.

Rounds out the void.

Radiation alibis
All margin and crater.

The sunlight baffles
In throwaway yellows.

Adding infinities and
Vanishing returns.

Spurious like symmetry
Under a full moon.

In a new light
Loitering in June.

Music box eyeliner
An old garage door for a tee shirt.

It is like the cosmos
At the end of a violin.


It’s funny this way, the allotted time
Surfaces, like a movie ticket, years later,
In someone else’s coat.

13 thoughts on “Nothing Poems

  1. Amazing. A true sense of the profound. I really love it. I do love the cosmos at the end of the violin. That’s stand out. But honestly, I love every line. All margin and crater. Fabulous. And “the sunlight baffles in throwaway yellows”. Stunning. This is right at the top of my list of favourites of yours Bob. Wonderful. And that last stanza. Spot on.

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  2. I like the way the way this poem seems to seesaw back and forth between moon and light. I’m reminded of what seems to me to be a bi-polar universe with apparently everything having a complement or maybe it’s not bi-polar? Maybe it’s the opposites being in cahoots, dependent on each other like what would light be without dark? Anyway, great work Bob……there’s something about “a movie ticket, years later, In someone else’s coat,” something reminding me of a first date, of holding hands and maybe switching jackets and that movie ticket changing places and then just the whole thing, us being alive, being like a movie, an ongoing one like my comment here. I’m babbling. Sorry about that. I’m on my first day of vacation. Drinking, smoking as long as I can last night and then sleeping late. Off to the post office now. Have a great holidays Bob !! And go Bills and I see the Sabres are over .500 too! Not bad.

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    1. Thanks Steve. Talk about a back and forth, bi-polar universe…the Sabres seem to be doing that themselves this season. I admit, after they had an 8 game losing streak I was ready to give up on them this season (blame muscle memory…losing for this long definitely leaves impressions) but they’ve turned it around. And seem like there may be even a chance for playoffs. Enjoy your vacation. I was doing the same “celebrating” last night. My vacation was started today because they shut the city down due to the bomb cyclone weather event. I was no familiar with that till just recently, but it’s a blizzard with hurricane strong winds. And, yep, it’s definitely living up to its name. My whole house is shaking. And it’s a whiteout. So I’ll start my vacation hunkered down. I imagine this story is heading your way too. The movie ticket…once in a while I’ll put on a jacket I haven’t worn in a long time and I’ll find something like a movie ticket and it brings me back to some memory. Life can be like that too. How time has passed. Again, enjoy the vacation! Happy holidays.

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  3. Just beautiful, the whole thing. Love the first two couplets and the image of:

    “The sunlight baffles
    in throwaway yellows” – such a warm pivot in the middle, like the sun bursting through the cloud and lighting up the poem as you go along.

    And the moment you describe at the end, taking us somewhere else again, these little moments in life that bring us back to ourselves.

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