Parroting an Asteroid

Dandelions are real estate geniuses

The quick hands of the moon
Are five-dimensional flowers
Contractually asymmetrical

Yet poem next door cute

9 thoughts on “Parroting an Asteroid

  1. I’m guessing there’s wild mushrooms that grow aplenty where you are…? Just kidding! Love the line “Dandelions are real estate geniuses” cause it’s true. They just can and do thrive anywhere, in the most inhospitable places yet still remain so cheerful 🙂

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  2. What a title! What a poem! And as I read your poem and reply here, it’s 34-31 Bills. What a game and I’m basing that strictly on the score. I haven’t seen any of it. I was on a bus today, long distance, two hours, but now I’m home and gonna settle in and watch the 4th quarter and since I’m home I feel like a dandelion, but not much of a genius, since it’s only 4 pm and i’m already drinking and i gotta work tomorrow.

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    1. Thanks Steve. I’m glad you liked it. I was hoping it wasn’t too weird, or maybe that it wasn’t weird enough. It wasn’t a great game, though they won, so I guess that’s what matters. Have fun on the last night before work. I have tomorrow off, so I’m excited.


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