Here’s an Idea

A trampoline being trampled.
A yawning angel.

A carpool of nudists
In a traffic jam.

The plans
For an imaginary

Ghosts are ambidextrous.
How absence
But who can tell.

Childhood, for instance.
It’s ramshackle centeredness,
And hostility to interpretation.

The wind eases out of its typeface.
Henceforward, imaginary birds
Branch on solitary meanderings.

Somehow it matters
The picturesque.

21 thoughts on “Here’s an Idea

  1. I love that line “Ghosts are ambidextrous.” It opens up so much to me as the reader. All the possibilities to be discovered from the past. Thanks for that. And as johnmalone says – “can’t go past ‘carpool of nudists in a traffic jam.’”……neither can I! That shit scares me. Being naked in a carpool. Now If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go pour me another drink and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally take off my shoes.

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      1. It turned out to be a good night, but I fell asleep without brushing and flossing my teeth. That always bums me out, but today wasn’t too bad either. I guess I’m on a mini-winning streak. Time to prepare for the fall. That’s what’s great about booze. You can drink to celebrate during winning streaks and drink to forget during the losing ones.

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      2. Glad you are on a mini-winning streak. That reminds me of these mini-documentaries ESPN used to do. And one was on mini golf called The Perfect 18. It was about these old timers that played a ton of mini golf. And one of them actually putted a perfect game. I think it’s on youtube. Hopefully that fall doesn’t come anytime soon.

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      3. Mini-golf seems to have made a revival. When I was a kid, it was always outside at an amusement park setting. Now they have them indoors and under the lights. A perfect game! I guess that’s 18 hole in ones. Amazing. Like a perfect game in bowling. So interesting in that the sport is not against any one like it is in football, hockey, or baseball, no contact or facing a 100mph pitch so if you roll a perfecto, you could conceivably beat the best bowler in the world.

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      4. I’m really glad you liked the book Bob. I appreciate you saying so. It makes writing that much more exciting knowing that it resonated with someone. One of the great things about wordpress is connecting with people like you. I know it’s online, but it’s still very meaningful and important to me.

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  2. “ A carpool of nudists / In a traffic jam” made me chuckle, for sure. But I love “Childhood, for instance. / It’s ramshackle centeredness, / And hostility to interpretation.” There’s a depth to that stanza that I love. Brilliant work here and such fun and novel imagery.

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  3. I agree with K, this is just excellent. Love that you always make every word count. Makes me feel like I throw mine around like confetti. My favourite lines:

    “A carpool of nudists
    In a traffic jam.”

    “Ghosts are ambidextrous.”

    “Childhood, for instance.
    It’s ramshackle centeredness,
    And hostility to interpretation.”

    “The wind eases out of its typeface.”

    I mean, tbh, the whole thing! Great stuff 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sunra! It’s funny, sometimes I don’t think I’m wordy enough. For the record, confetti is awesome, and so are your poems/art work! I’m glad you liked this one, I felt good about this one, having both humor and seriousness to it.

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