Learning to be a Poet

The void
Zeroes in

Like footwork
In the rain.


The moon

My arms
To applause

Though I don’t
Know where
I’m going.


You ask of me the words
Which you demand be left unsaid.


Fair enough.

16 thoughts on “Learning to be a Poet

  1. Such a mystery this one, as many of your poems are, leaves me as a reader in a perfect place – wondering and also feeling courageous, that “waiting for the void,” such a scary thought, but so true and then the follow up to the void, that “Though I don’t Know where I’m going,” also scary, but so very real. Great work.

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    1. Thanks. I guess I was shooting from the hip here, and I don’t have an exact explanation myself. But I really like how you summed it up, wondering and feeling courageous. And maybe a little scary. I’m glad you liked it.

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      1. I guess it’s good to feel a little scared though sometimes I stay in bed because that fear takes over and getting up and living my life feels daunting, but then at some point, i gotta get ready for work and it’s amazing how just walking around and doing the dishes or something eliminates the fear or some of it anyway.


      2. I agree. Taking a walk for me really does the trick. Seems to literally and metaphorically get my feet on the ground. This may sound crazy, but I love doing the dishes, just put some tunes on and go.

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