Short Poems

“Nothing is more glorious than the full moon to those who ride or walk under its beams. But whoso goes out of doors expressly to see it returns disappointed.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson, Selected Journals 1820-1842


Uncertainty –

As a way of generating income for poets.


A species of butterfly which are also suitcases for angels.


We wave, like photons,
Particularly, an imaginary tree in a picture book.

A Metaphysics-

Without corners
Without terms
A harrowing rescue of afternoon sky
For ideology


An elbow at dawn.

Half the pages missing.

The immediate

The Bicycle of a Poet-

The moon of empty miles, parched as the street painted lines.
All they will find is dusk amongst the thickets and x-ray trees.

12 thoughts on “Short Poems

  1. These are great Bob! Each with its own magic. I appreciate how each segment grabbed me in a different way:

    Uncertainty – the humour
    Daydream – the poetic essence / imagery
    Greetings – the imaginary tree in a picture book!
    Metaphysics – the harrowing rescue of afternoon sky.
    Listen – the gut feeling this evoked
    The Bicycle of a Poet – the quiet, moonlit mystery

    Very cool quote by Emerson, and awesome how it fits into the folds of the Short Poems!

    Are you familiar with Arthur Sze?

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    1. Thanks Chris! I am not familiar with Arthur Sze. But did a search and read some of his poems. Very good. I’ll be looking for his books at the library. I’ve been reading Emerson and came across those lines and they really stood out to me.

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  2. Your lines Bob about LISTEN – “half the pages missing,” a reminder to me of old age and forgetting things- half the pages missing truly sad, horribly sad when an ageing mother forgets her son or daughter, just completely forgets, mind totally blank, and yet there’s maybe a sentence or a song that brings at least a smile to her face.

    and “dusk amongst the thickets and x-ray trees,” that there is an end , a dusk and x-ray trees – that tree rings are all that remain, but then you go to the “Immediate” and the “vicinity” and i’m reminded that it’s there, the memory is there and i hope to bring that memory to heaven and see them again.

    I guess this series of poems has me missing family members and friends who have died or are close to dying and I thank you for that Bob because it’s good when I recognize what’s making me sad and returning to the work of getting happy again.

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    1. Thanks Steve. I’m glad this poem helped. And I really like your interpretations. I hope all is well. It’s difficult being away from friends and family. And it doesn’t help spring decided to treat back to winter. Maybe it’s not so where you are at.

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  3. There are so many wonderful lines here. I love the last two lines in particular, but there is something extraordinary about the image of “A species of butterfly which are also suitcases for angels”. Brilliant work!

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  4. Beautifully intriguing, the whole thing. These lines stood out for me especially:

    “We wave, like photons,
    Particularly, an imaginary tree in a picture book.”

    “A harrowing rescue of afternoon sky”

    and love the feeling of motion and journey with The Bicycle of a Poet at the end, such a fitting end.

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