Amateurs of the World Unite and Take Over

Briefly, and loosely, the butterfly mirrors the night. Like an angry river,

If patterns are a process, this visits language.

With painstaking naiveté, under a rotary dial dusk, this existential cowlick
Never burdens folly with precision.

I only write poems to defy paragraphs. Torn shorts and short poems,
An hour of television. In this cosmos inconsistencies are stars.



*From the archives

16 thoughts on “Amateurs of the World Unite and Take Over

  1. That first line grabbed me in its sudden shift, from a butterfly which I associate with soft and delicate to an “angry river.” That you’ve put them one after the other is tremendous and come to think of it, night is like that, both delicate and violent. I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee and night times were so quiet and peaceful in the neighborhood, a pounding silence that was also a bit eerie.

    And rebellion against paragraphs! I love that. Brings the title to life. Excellent. I’m glad you brought this one out of the archives. Like all of your work, it’s timeless.

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  2. Love it. Bob. Always wondrous images and a subtle or not-so subtle dose of the unexpected. I particularly like “never burdening folly with precision”. Says so much and seems to capture the whole theme.

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  3. My somewhat apologetic and reluctant visits to the archives proved to be a really positive and motivating exercise for me. I tend to write it and forget it within days or even hours. Revisiting and rewriting reminded me that I actually have written some pretty reasonable work over the years. It’s even allowing me to start putting together a collection, and again, just bolster my incredibly fickle confidence. The archives hauled me out of what felt like the beginning of a slump. I don’t even bother mentioning when it’s past work anymore. There’s a reasonable mix happening. Wow. I just came in from working outside, saw your note and figured I’d fire off a quick response. before heading back out. Didn’t expect to write you a giant paragraph. All this to say digging in the archives can be a very good thing. Sheesh. Enough already. Hope you’re having a good weekend. Hey did you see my, Build Me a Church? If you did and just rolled your eyes and carried on, no worries. I just thought it may have slipped under your radar. You should also check out A new group that I have a feeling your work could fit right into.


    1. I’ve been thinking about putting a collection together too. And I do the same with what I’ve written, I rarely go back and read it. Just move on. Maybe going back over everything will be good. My confidence is funny, sometimes I feel like I can do this, other times its why am I doing this?? Thanks for the advice (and pep talk)! I think I needed that.
      Sorry I missed your post. I don’t know how I missed it. I always look forward to your writing. It was fantastic and I left a comment.
      I will definitely check out the link you sent.


  4. I have a feeling that although our styles may be different, our approaches and personalities as poets are quite kindred. Mutual feelings regarding always anticipating and looking forward to your writing.
    More than once I’ve read about visual artists laying out all of their old work to find consistencies, style and get a sense of their art, and themselves as artist. A very positive and motivating experience. Maybe an element of rerooting in it?

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    1. Yes, I agree,quite kindred. I really like the idea of laying out all of their work. And really love that word, rerooting. Thanks again.


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