20 thoughts on “Classic

  1. and this is a classic! Turning a bummer situation – a clogged sink and then jumping to the Iliad which I’ve never read, but know it’s a classic and has to do with Homer and that always reminds of Homer Simpson and his wonderful attention to worldly things like wet noodles and kitty litter. You never stop amazing me Bob, this one revving up and then suddenly stopping, always unpredictable and daring.

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    1. Thanks Steve! Leave it to my two boys to clog the sink. Though the Iliad was my invention. I wish they tried using the Iliad. The other day, I saw my 8 year old going down to the basement with a spoon in his had, and I asked what he was doing. He said he was going to dig a tunnel to the garage. I said with a spoon? He said, yes, he was doing it “prison stye.” Bringing up Homer Simpson made me smile. I recently started watching some of the old episodes, and it’s still really funny.

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    1. Thanks John! My boys are always finding original ways to get into mischief. Though I wish they were a little more literary and really had tried to put the Iliad down the sink.

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  2. Eleven words (twelve including the title) and not one wasted. Last winter I read the Odyssey. I believe Odysseus’s return from the war covered in the Iliad? In any case – a Classic adventure – not unlike having kids, unclogging sinks and wrestling sea monsters. The kitty litter… I hope not the clumping, wet and turn to slimy mud kind??? Anyway, all that you’ve captured in a few words is awesome – I also really like how the last lines work rhythm-wise. I love it Bob.

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