Some Dirt in the Eye

a robot of wings, a skateboard ramp of dusk, somehow dirt in eye, a blister ephemeral, a doorway that lacks a sense of direction,

a robot of twigs, a drinking fountain that somewhere in the chapters on sleepless nights, are the outlines of poems, bankrupt in paradise,

robot of final stanza, cordless, lopsided of dreams, in the shoes of long summer walks, a lost summery/summary by the author, a vision of information and how it travels,

a simple word, and a second simple word, and so on, till it is finally simple enough,

according to legend, all such declarations, on the surface of rain puddles, the dandelion grows on an allowance of curb, in the rain…with a brick in one hand

No Menu Poetry

In the uneven margins

And over the scribbled lines

Sometimes the sad gallons in the moon

A tattoo of a trash heap

The sleeve of poesy rolled up like a cup

The sky

Was never where it was

The stillness you feel

Is the universe expanding

The measure needed

For new windows

Sooner and later is a just so story

The mystery keeps its gambols